Issue 4 - Summer 2016

Issue 4 - Summer 2016


Fingerstyle Guitar Journal Issue 4 - Summer 2016. This issue includes featured stories on Jon Gomm, Sandro Albert, Michael Fambro, and Kevin Loh, 12 in-depth workshops, 11 songs including both the recording and manuscript, plus much more.

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Featured Stories

Jon Gomm

Sandro Albert

Michael Fambro

Kevin Loh


Roger Hudson

Troy Gifford

Steve Herberman

Craig Dobbins

Sean McGowan

David Oakes

Tanausu Luis

Bill Piburn

Tim Sparks

Eric Lugosch

Walter Rodeigues Jr.

Dylan Ryche

Songs (manuscript w/ audio)

Sandro Albert – Encounters No. 4

Kevin Loh – Gigue from Cello Suite No. 6 (JS Bach)

Craig Dobbins – My Friend Paul

Sean McGowan – solo on Confirmations changes

David Oakes – Jimmy Wyble’s Etude No. 1

Tanausu Luis - Raquelita

Bill Piburn – Stone’s Rag

Tim Sparks – Muddy’s Jam

Eric Lugosch – Livin’ In The Country

Walter Rodeigues Jr. – Frere Jacques (for grown-ups)

Dylan Ryche – Alternate Tunings

Also Includes

118 pages

Editor’s Letter

Sight and Sound Reviews

Dream Guitar Gallery

Featured Video

Kevin Loh – Gigue from Cello Suite No. 6 (JS Bach)