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Learn. Listen. Play.


Fingerstyle Guitar Journal is a quarterly digital publication dedicated to inspiring, informing, & nurturing the fingerstyle guitar community around the world

Each issue comes to you as an interactive PDF delivered automatically to your email every 3 months. Each issue includes feature stories, music transcriptions, workshops, reviews, and our Dream Guitar gallery. The music is printable, written in tablature and standard notation, and includes embedded links to videos allowing you to see and hear every piece of music.

By providing a platform to share the knowledge, stories, and music that bring us all together, we hope to encourage guitarists of all experience and styles to continue to learn, listen, and play.

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Current Issue

Issue 16 - Summer 2019

Featuring Martin Taylor

“Long live your publication - an exceptional entry into the world of musical instruction literature.” 
- Charles M.


“There is no comparable fingerstyle guitar magazine.”
- Willem A.


“Best fingerstyle magazine hands down…it covers so much in depth from classical to modern fingerstyle guitar approaches, all taught by world-class masters of the instrument.”
- Luis D.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Journal