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Our Current Issue

Fingerstyle Guitar Journal Issue 16 - Summer 2019. This issue includes featured stories on Martin Taylor, Ladislav Pazdera, & Ben Coker, 6 in-depth workshops, 8 songs including both the recording and manuscript, plus much more.


Featured Stories

Martin Taylor

Ladislav Pazdera

Ben Coker


Bill Piburn

Vanessa Green

Steve Herberman

Dylan Ryche

Sean McGowan

Troy Gifford

Songs (manuscript w/ audio)

Martin Taylor – They Can’t Take That Away From Me

Ladislav Pazdera - Mañha de Carnaval

Ben Coker – J.S. Bach’s Prelude from Cantata 29

Bill Piburn – Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven

Vanessa Green – Pretty Saro

Dylan Ryche – The Music

Sean McGowan – White As Snow

Roger Hudson – Flamenco Fantasy

Also Includes

104 pages

Editor’s Letter

Mapping The Fingerboard Series

Sight and Sound Reviews

Dream Guitar Gallery

Featured Video

Martin Taylor – They Can’t Take That Away From Me