Issue 3 - Spring 2016

Issue 3 - Spring 2016


Fingerstyle Guitar Journal Issue 3 - Spring 2016. This issue includes featured stories on Peppino D’Agostino, Kerim Altinors, Scott Ouellette, Jorge Morel, Tanausu Luis, and Lulia Lange, 9 in-depth workshops, 10 songs including both the recording and manuscript, plus much more.

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Featured Stories

Peppino D’Agostino

Kerim Altinors

Scott Ouellette

Jorge Morel

Tanausu Luis

Lulia Lange


Roger Hudson

Bill Piburn

Todd Hallawell

Steve Herberman

Tim Lerch

Dylan Ryche

Eric Lugosch

Jim Caudill

Sean McGowan

Songs (manuscript w/ audio)

Peppino D’Agostino – The Blue Ocean

Kerim Altinors – Andaluza - Rondena

Scott Ouellette - Sunrise

Troy Gifford – Danza del Nino

Julia Lange – La Catedral

Roger Hudson – Folk Baroque

Bill Piburn – Colored Aristocracy

Todd Hallawell – Windy Bill

Dylan Ryche – Seventh Heaven

Jim Caudill – I Never Knew

Also Includes

142 pages

Editor’s Letter

Sight and Sound Reviews

Dream Guitar Gallery

Featured Video

Kerim Altinors – Andaluza - Rondena